With a few simple tricks, you can keep your lingerie looking like new for a very long time.
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Tips and instructions for washing and drying delicate valentine lingerie.

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When we buy lingerie, we are making an investment in ourselves to feel beautiful and an investment in our relationships with our lovers by keeping the sensual  fires burning.  Lingerie can have sentimental value; there are certain pieces in your collection that will remind you of an extraordinary Valentine’s celebration, an anniversary and even your wedding night.  With proper care, your intimate wear can last well beyond the special occasion it was purchased for.

How to Properly Care for Your Lingerie:

Before you are going to launder your lingerie, fasten all hooks and buttons, tie any drawstrings or ribbons and zip any zippers.  With everything securely attached, you will avoid the risk of tangling, misshaping and tearing during the washing process.

Separate your intimate items into like colored groups. This will keep your colors bright and prevent your whites items from becoming dingy.

Place your undergarments In a basin filled with cold water and a mild detergent specifically made for hand washing.  Allow the items to soak for 5 to 60 minutes.  Do not over soak or the fibers and shape of your garment can be compromised.

Rinse each item with cold water until the water is clear and sud-free when you squeeze the garment.  Place the wet items on a clean towel, blanket with another towel and blot to remove excess water. 

Do not wring items out, this can bend underwires and damage fabric.  Lay items out flat to dry. (Do not lay items out in the sun, as colors will fade and fabric will weaken.)

Although not ideal, you may wash your intimate wear in the washing machine, if you are using a lingerie bag.  As stated above, you should fasten all hooks and buttons, tie any drawstrings or ribbons and zip any zippers prior to placing your items in the bag.  Place the lingerie bag in a washing machine set to cold temperature and with a mild detergent a run the washing machine on a short, gentle cycle.

Lingerie should never be placed in the dryer. After washing, remove your items from the bag and lay them flat to dry out of the sunlight.

Other tips to extend the life of your intimate wear:

Wash your lingerie separate from your outwear items.

To avoid excessive stretching and stress to the fabric, do not wear the same bra more than two days in a row.

Many bras will lose their supportiveness after six months of weekly use.  Go through your bras every six months and replace the ones that have been worn excessively.

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