Has your Valentine been especially naughty? We have just the right selection of paddles, whips and bondage accessories for the job.    
Valentine Gift Company

Our collection of Valentine products promises to hold the perfect gift you've been searching for - Play Cupid!

Valentine Sexy Gift Sets

Valentine Novelties

Valentine Romance Products

Sexy Valentine Candy and Erotic Edibles

Valentine Coupons and Lotto Love Scratchers

Valentine Fantasy Fun

Valentine Couple Romance Games

Valentine Massage and Sensual Touch Products

Valentine Sex Toys

Valentine Sex Accessories

Valentine Lingerie For Her

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Valentine Underwear For Him

Anti Valentines Day Gifts

Lovers Bondage Kit ~ PD3911-00
Bow-Tie Bondage Kit ~ PD3961-11
Bedroom Lovers Kit ~ PD3755-00

I Rub My Duckie Bondage ~ BT-RT138
I Rub My Duckie Travel Bondage ~ BT-RT140
Bound By Love Game ~ XBC011

Red Rose Crop ~ EN-94096
Flogger Roses ~ EN-93999
Tie Me Up Vine Roses ~ EN-93983

Pink Satin Love Mask ~ PD3903-11
Purple Satin Love Mask ~ PD3903-12
Red Satin Love Mask ~ PD3903-15

White Satin Love Mask ~ PD3903-19
Black Satin Love Mask ~ PD3903-23
Glow In The Dark S and M Dice ~ EL-6298

Silver Designer Handcuffs ~ PD3801-26
Pink Anodized Metal Cuffs ~ PD3816-11
Purple Anodized Metal Cuffs ~ PD3816-12

Red Anodized Metal Cuffs ~ PD3816-15
Black Anodized Metal Cuffs ~ PD3816-23
12 Inch Leather Love Impression Paddle ~ SS904-01

Sexy Slave Kit ~ SS680-03
Purple Feather Love Cuffs ~ PD3806-12
Red Feather Love Cuffs ~ PD3806-15

Black Feather Love Cuffs ~ PD3806-23
Leather Love Flapper ~ PD2186-01
Red Furry Love Cuffs ~ PD3804-15

Red Pleasure Tape ~ PD2111-15
Red Rubber Body Tickler ~ SS730-03
Quilted Heart Pink Paddle ~ PD3718-11

Polka Dot Vibrating Feather Tickler  ~ HO2415HH
Polka Dot Vibrating Spank Paddle ~ HO2416HH
Polka Dot Leash and Collar ~ HO2430HH

Polka Dot Play Hand Cuffs ~ HO2417HH
Polka Dot Vibrating Panties ~ HO2426HH
Polka Dot Lipstick Vibe ~ HO2477

Polka Dot Pleasure Wand Light Vibe ~ HO2478
Furry Heart Paddle ~ PD3871-00
Fantasy Deluxe Mask Pink ~ PD3956-00

Fantasy Luv Paddle Pink ~ PD3951-00
Fantasy Leash and Collar Pink ~ PD3955-00
Fetish Fantasy Wrist Cuffs Pink ~ PD3952-00

Fantasy Ball Gag Pink ~ PD3954-00
Leather Blindfold Heart Inlay ~ PY113
Leather Collar Heart Inlay ~ PY71

Leather Whip Heart Inlay ~ PY1402H
Red Passion Three Piece Set  ~ EL-XP2023
Red Silk Rope Love Cuffs ~ PD3867-15

Red Japanese Silk Rope ~ PD3869-15
Tickle Me Wild  ~ SS04001
Red Silky Sash Restraints ~ SS326-31

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