Relax in a bathtub with someone truly special. Share one of these sensual Valentine Gifts. The night is yours to enjoy.    
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Our collection of Valentine products promises to hold the perfect gift you've been searching for - Play Cupid!

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Sexy Suds Glow Bubble Bath Original ~ SW31
Sexy Suds Glow Bubble Bath Melon ~ SW41
Sexy Suds Glow Bubble Bath Raspberry ~ SW42

Pulsabath Vibrating Bath Sponge ~ PD3000-12
Pecker Scrubby ~ PD7251-34
I Rub My Duckie Sweetheart ~ EL-9945-29

I Rub My Duckie Paris Rose ~ BT-RT10050
I Rub My Duckie Travel Paris Rose ~ BT-RT143
I Rub My Duckie Paris Black ~ BT-RT10051

I Rub My Duckie Travel Paris Blanc ~ BT-RT10142
I Rub My Duckie Bondage Fashionista ~ EL-9945-021
Pink Champagne Bubble Bath ~ EL-7427

Rose Petal Soap Flakes ~ SE2487-00
Waterproof Vibrating Body Scrunchie ~ SE2095-04
Shimmer Love Bubbles Pink Diamond ~ KNG1060

Shimmer Love Bubbles Gold Diamond ~ KNG1061
Shimmer Love Bubbles Pear Diamond ~ KNG1062
Hemp Seed Bath and Shower Gel Skinny Dip ~ EB-SG021

Body Spa Vibrating Mesh Sponge ~ BD3374
Kama Sutra Mint Tree Bathing Gel ~ KS0009
Kama Sutra Ocean Blu Bathing Gel ~ KS0085

Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea ~ KS0010
Bathtub Love Game ~ LG-BG006
Loofah Doggie Style Strap ~ SS96017

Shower Dildo and Suction Cup Kit  ~ SS96016
Suction Locking Handcuffs ~ SS96004
Single Locking Suction Foot Rest  ~ SS96002

Dona Acai Berry Bath Ritual Set ~ JO70006
Dona Goji Berry Bath Ritual Set ~ JO70007
Dona Pomegranate Bath Ritual Set ~ JO70008

Dona Camu Camu Bath Ritual Set ~ JO70009
Dona Mangosteen Bath Ritual Set ~ JO70010
Dona Blue Lotus Bath Ritual Set ~ JO70011

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