Private Dancer Pole
Kit Pink  

You are sure to
be fantasizing about this
night of erotic play
well beyond Valentines night.  

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Private Dancer Pole Kit Pink ~ TS1014597
Private Dancer Pole Kit Pink ~ TS1014597
Private Dancer Pole Kit Pink - The Private Dancer Pole Kit takes fantasy fulfillment to an entirely new level. Unlike other stripper poles, the TLC Private Dancer Stripper Pole Kit includes one heavy duty steel pole, an erotic dance instructional DVD, a black feather boa, a black lace garter and play money. It comes in an easy-to-carry, female-friendly box with a handle, which means she can set the pole up by herself and surprise her man when he gets home! The stripper pole may be used with or without screws. Even when screws are used, the pole may be removed from the ceiling attachment for incognito storage. This dancer pole is designed to be sturdier than other stripper poles, with heavy duty steel construction and rubber non-slip pads that protect the floor and ceiling. It can be used on hardwood floors or carpet. With an adjustable minimum height of 7ī 4" (2.2 m) and a maximum height of 9ī 2" (2.7 m) itīs perfect for the modern home with taller ceilings. Installation instructions are included. TEST POLE FOR STURDINESS BEFORE USE, DO NOT PUT FULL WEIGHT ON POLE, DO NOT PERFORM ACROBATIC SPINS ON POLE UNTIL TESTED. Private Dancer Pole Kit, Pink from Topco Sales TO1459-7 TLC1459-7.
ITEM: TS1014597
 Price: $99.95
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